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Lacrosse Equipment Guide

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Lacrosse Equipment

Cost Guide



Please speak to any of our coaches, or members of the Regents Lacrosse Club Board of Directors, for insight into buying equipment.


Local shops with lacrosse equipment include:

• Middleton Cycle (which has a large selection, and strings sticks)

• Lacrosse America store at KEVA, and

• (with smaller selections) MC Sports, Dick’s, and Dunham’s.


In addition, there are many internet sites that specialize in lacrosse gear.



HELMET: $120-$200


All JV and Varsity players must have a ROYAL BLUE helmet (NFHS ruling). While our team helmets have a yellow visor and chin guard, only the main helmet must be Royal Blue. There are inexpensive white helmets available for about $110, which can be painted Royal Blue.


We have been able to order team helmets in the late winter for about $125/helmet.





Players are required to wear a COLORED mouth guard (so referees can see it), NOT clear. Besides being a major safety hazard to not wear a mouth guard in a contact sport like lacrosse, a team is penalized during the game if a player is without a mouth guard.





Shoulder pads should also have padding that covers the breastbone and heart area.



ARM GUARDS: $20-$40


GLOVES: $25-$200


Hockey gloves can be worn, but they are too stiff and thickly padded in the finger and hand area. Lacrosse gloves, heavily padded on the back of the hand and fingers offer the tactile control necessary for good stick handling and control.



NOTE: There are lacrosse pad starter kits available for about $50. These typically have gloves, shoulder pads, and arm guards



(continued on the next page)


CUP: $15-$25


All lacrosse players need to wear a cup. Playing without one is risking the potential for life-long injury.



STICK: $50--$200


There are three sizes of lacrosse sticks, based upon a player’s position. The smallest stick is for Attack, the long pole stick is for Defense, and there is a Goalie stick with a larger head.

Inexpensive beginner’s sticks are available for $40-50. Depending upon player preferences, better sticks often include separate pricing of the stick itself (which can go up to $150+ depending upon the lighter weight and stronger materials), the head, specialized stringing, and even the knob. The choices get larger for each part of the stick, with pricing options ranging accordingly.



SHOES: $30--$75


While there are lacrosse shoes, any rubber-cleated shoe (like a soccer shoe) is fine for lacrosse. Football cleats can sometimes be too long. It is all personal preference.



GOALIE GEAR: Goalies wear a special padded chest protector and padded goalie pants. There are also specially designed goalie gloves.


Goalies do not wear arm guards.


• Chest Protector: $75--$150

o Some models of goalie chest protectors have shoulder guards.


• Goalie Pants: $75--$150

o These are thickly padded pants in the front, covering the crotch and thighs. Goalies MUST also wear a high quality cup.


• Goalie Gloves: $75--$250

o Goalie gloves have a heavily, plastic padded thumb and wrist area.


• Goalie Stick: $50-$200

o The head of a goalie stick has a wider head, with more surface netting. The pole is longer, and some models have a special shape closer to the head.


• Helmet Throat Guard: $10--$30

o A heavy plastic throat guard, which attaches to the standard lacrosse helmet, is highly recommended.

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